Bob Ferguson

Bob Ferguson

Bob first sang on stage as a teenager. His first performance was ‘Food glorious food,’ in ‘Oliver.’ His second  concert was in ‘Fiddler on the roof,’ singing ‘If I were a rich man.’

From there Bob performed in the folk band Spinning wheel and left the music scene for 18 years to bring up his family. In 1995 got back into the music again as lead singer in the band Indigenous Citizens. By 1997 the highly successful Beggars Row Celtic Band was formed and toured worldwide for 17 years.

During the Beggars reign, Bob also performed in two duo’s, ‘The Foxy Devils’ and ‘Celtic Horizon.’ Other line-ups included two other Celtic bands, ‘Celtic Hearts’ and ‘The Celtic Crazy Clan.’  Both these bands may be reforming in the next year or so.

Bob is also in collaboration with the band from Friesland ‘ Andehlian’ to form together for some tours as ‘Bodehlian band.’

Bob also performs in duo with Dutch fiddler Sebastian Meijer. Look out for their debut album of BOBBAS in 2018.

Apart from all his varied projects Bob tours consistently as a solo artist in Netherlands, Denmark and Scotland. Germany and Norway are scheduled for 2018.

Bob’s songs are a mix of Celtic, country, mainstream and his own  compositions. The accent is on a fun happy atmosphere as Bob wanders on and off stage and among the audience. Be prepared to be part of the show when Bob is on.


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Tijd: 15.10 – 15.50 u
Podium: 2

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